Hello and let me begin by saying thank you for visiting my website! I am a proud Aesthetician working in my favorite city of Lincoln, NE. I have been working in the Skincare Industry for the last 5 years and I couldn't be happier. I opened my own business right out of College where I graduated with knowledge that I'm excited to share with everyone who walks into my treatment room. From even the basics of "What cleanser should I use?" to the more complex, "What peel is right for me?" I will be happy to get you started. You see, I too struggled with complicated skin issues growing up. I had acne through my teenage years and young adult years that left deep scars on my cheeks and left me extremely self conscious. Sure I tried this and that but I never really understood what I was doing or why. Which left me at times accepting my skin the way it was. Little did I know, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. As I stumbled across The College of Hair Design Aesthetics program, I immediately knew this is something that I can do and is right for me. I learned, I practiced, I experimented and I found answers to my questions. With consistency of professional products tailored to my skin, Microdermabrasions (my favorite!) and a peel here and there... I have the best skin I have ever had. Not only that but I learned now that I can age gracefully instead of just age. Big difference!

So bottom line is I've helped hundreds of women through the last 5 years and yes, men too, with questions and treatments that left them excited with their skincare journey. I love people and I value customer service. Trust me and lets get started!


anytime to get scheduled!



Caroline Hall

Licensed Aesthetician